Spring Campout

Spring Campout
First Landing State Park - Virginia Beach

The Pack will be camping at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach on the weekend of April 14 & 15.

Park Check-in will be Saturday at 4pm with Check-out on Sunday at 1:00pm.

There will be activities during the day on Saturday, so arrival time will be 10:00am.  Please see complete information below.

Cost will be $40 per family, only one family per camp site.

Link to PayPal payment - Pay Camping Fees Here!


Although we can not check in to our camp sites until 4:00pm, we are going to take advantage of the many other areas of the park until that time.  Dinner will include - grilled chicken, corn on the cob, hot dogs, and buns.  Dessert (Peach Cobbler) will be served after a rousing campfire program.  You are welcome to bring other tasty treats of your own.  On Sunday, you will have until 1:00pm to check out of your camp site.  You can bring fishing rods, bikes, or other fun gear to enjoy before going back home.  There are many other local attractions that you might also like to visit while in the area with your family. 

When you arrive (10am Saturday), please go to the 64th Street entrance - on the south side of the park, located off of Route 60 / Atlantic Avenue.  The entire family is welcome to participate in the hike and all other activities.

10:00 AM - Arrive at 64th Street Park Entrance
10:30 AM - Hike and Activities
1:30 PM - Lunch (provide your own)
2:30 PM - Visit Nature Center
3:30 PM - Return to Camp - Receive Site Assignments
4:00 PM - Setup Camp Sites
5:30 PM - Dinner (provided by the Pack)
6:30 PM - Campfire Program
7:30 PM - Dessert

St. John Neumann - Powhatan, VA 23139
ph: 804-598-4881     alt: 804-852-2929